Creating images from his dream world, not being able to keep a single homework notebook clean from doodles. Where most kids were enjoying football and playing sports for competition, Luke was seen with a pencil or a crayon. At high school he developed an interest in graffiti and comics and he started to paint in larger formats. Even though being impressed by traditional New York graffiti lettering aesthetics, he realized that focusing on characters would be a better visual language to express himself in.

Often nicknamed Lucky Luke it was inevitable that comics would enter his works at some point. Painting graffiti and in search for other artists, graffiti and street art sparked an interest for traveling on his own or with friends throughout Europe and eventually South America and Asia. To document his graffiti and drawings Luke picked up photography which he very much enjoys doing.

While studying International Studies in The Hague through 2013 till 2014 he started his own art gallery (Sky Gallery) after realizing the potential of curating his own shows and of fellow artists met during his travels. The gallery became an encounter point for international artists, painters, photographers and musicians.


Living in one place, however, became too restrictive to Luke. In 2015. Luke moved to Athens, Greece to focus on painting and documenting the booming and lively street art scene Greece has to offer. Learning about his style it evolved from painting letters to became clear he liked to drawing goddesses like human figures and mythical animals. Luke has also studied traditional painting in Florence and traditional watercolour painting in Xiamen, China.

When he returned home, he enrolled in a comic design course and in 2017 he graduated as a comic book designer and Luke now works as an illustrator and a painter.

Luke has made murals in Mexico, China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, South America. His collectors are all over the globe. He loves to create murals together with kids and students and get people excited to paint.

His new work features urban views, poetic renderings of city squares, monuments and animals and making book covers. Luke continues to learn about new techniques and different mediums.

Luuk Beckers